What is "Gameschooling?"

Gameschooling can be defined as using games for learning or education, and it often refers to using games specifically as a homeschool method or using games in/as homeschool curriculum.  Simply put, Gameschooling means playing to learn.  

Do I have to be a homeschooler to attend GameSchoolCon?

No, you do not have to be a homeschooler to attend GameSchoolCon!  Gameschooling is for all families, and so is GameSchoolCon!  We welcome families who are persuing any educational path that works for their children.

Do I have to be a "Gameschooler" to attend GameSchoolCon?

You might be a Gameschooler already!  If you and your kids ever learn through play, or if you're interested in bringing more FUN into your homeschool days, classroom, or weekends, GameSchoolCon is probably for you!

Where can I learn more about GameSchooling?

Start here!

Who/What is Gamerunner?

Gamerunner is a unique program that facilitates board gaming, role playing games, and crafty making in a friendly environment.  All of our classes are held in Long Beach, California in our home-based game room and workshop.  

In our board gaming classes, students play a variety of games, all selected to engage young minds in a different way each week. In our role playing classes, students create characters in a grand choose-your-own adventure story, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and becoming legends as a team.

Gamerunner also offers arts & craft classes, workshops, and day camps, where children can express their geeky/gamer/artistic selves, learning cool art techniques while making projects that they get to take home.  Grownups can get in on the action by booking a pop-up nerdy make-and-take or game night session, too!

Gamerunner was created out of our family’s enthusiasm for all kinds of games and our wish to share that enjoyment with other families.  Join us for one of our upcoming sessions!

When does GameSchoolCon start and end?

GameSchoolCon February 2020 has concluded and we will post our next dates soon!

How do I register?

Registration for GameSchoolCon February 2020 has closed.  We are sold out and there are no tickets available at the Door.  Registration for our next GameSchoolCon will open May 4, 2020.

Can I use my charter school funds to register?

We are excited to partner with Inspire Charter School this year to offer GameSchoolCon tickets for purchase with instructional funds.  Please visit our Charter School Registration Page for more information.  If you want us to partner with another charter school, please contact us and we will reach out to them!

What if I can't afford GameSchoolCon?

Please contact us.  We will offer as many scholarships as we can.  Depending on your situation, we may ask you to join our Work Exchange Crew in exchange for your GameSchoolCon ticket.

How can I stay connected to GameSchoolCon news?

Please join our Mailing List (link below this FAQ) and like our Facebook page!  You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter!


Can I a refund or transfer my registration to another person?

Sorry, all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  However, if you must miss GameSchoolCon due to illness or emergency, we may be able to transfer your tickets to the next GameSchoolCon if you contact us.

How do I sell my art/handmade crafts/used games at GameSchoolCon?

You can bring your art, handmade crafts, and used games to our Homegrown Artists Alley and Used Game Sale!  There is no cost to you, and you do not have to sign up or pre-register.  Just bring your items to sell between 5-10pm on Friday night, and be prepared to make your own change (and keep 100% of your earnings!)  Sorry, due to hotel policy, no sales of food items.


Do I have to bring my own computer for video gaming?

Fabulous video game opportunities will be provided by our sponsor Game Crossing, LLC, and you'll have even more gaming opportunities if you BYOC. 

Do we need to sign up ahead of time to participate in the activities at GameSchoolCon?

There is no need to sign up for most activities!  Almost everything at GameSchoolCon is first-come, first-play.  However, Role Playing Games will have a sign up sheet posted the morning of the RPG.  Those are posted outside the room the morning of the RPG. 


Is there an extra cost for any of the activities at GameSchoolCon?

All activities and events at GameSchoolCon, including special events such as the Family Dance Party, art workshops, and active games, are included in your ticket price.  Of course, if you wish to purchase items at the Homegrown Artists' Alley and Used Game Sale, from the Merch table, or from the Exhibit Hall, you'll need to pay for those!


What should I bring to GameSchoolCon?

  • Snacks!  Hotel nom-noms can be spendy.  However please be aware that outside food and drink is not permitted in meeting rooms.  You are welcome to consume outside food in common areas or in your hotel room.

  • Layers to stay comfy in cool hotel meeting rooms

  • A plan to unite family members if separated

  • A plan to take care of yourself or your loved ones if overstimulated

  • Refillable water bottles

  • Bathing suits (if you are a guest of the hotel)

  • Your laptop for video gaming

  • Your Magic:  The Gathering and Pokémon decks

  • Games that you want to share with others

  • Curiosity about games you haven't played yet

  • Your art/handmade crafts to sell in the Homegrown Artists Alley and Used Game Sale on Friday night

  • Your used games to sell in the Homegrown Artists Alley and Used Game Sale on Friday night

  • Cash (small bills!) to shop in the Homegrown Artists Alley and Used Game Sale on Friday night

  • Funds to spend in the Exhibit hall on Saturday and Sunday or with the game designers who will be demoing their games

  • Your good luck and a few dollars to purchase raffle tickets for our Charity Raffle

  • Your Nerf blasters and protective eyewear for the Nerf battles

  • Something FAB to wear to the Family Dance Party

  • A few hours to volunteer or join the Work Exchange Crew

  • Adult supervision for children and teens


What is prohibited at GameSchoolCon?

  • Weapons of any kind including tasers, "decorative" knives, and sword canes.

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other nasty form of bigotry.  

  • Bullying, harassment, teasing - nope.  GameSchoolCon strives to be a safer environment for all attendees.

  • Illegal drugs of any kind.

  • Underage drinking or marijuana use - this is a family conference and little kids look up to big kids.  Wholesome partying only!

  • Misuse/destruction of hotel property.

  • Skateboards, rollerblades/skates, bikes, scooters - sorry, not indoors! 


Can I wear my costume/cosplay at GameSchoolCon?

Yes!  We love costumes and cosplay!  Please make sure you consider these guidelines as you plan your outfit:

  • Cosplay weapons must be obviously fake and painted in safety colors.  No realistic gun replicas, please.

  • No "decorative" knives or sword canes.

  • Costumes and street clothes must, at minimum, cover body parts usually covered by a bathing suit.

  • Please do not wear clothing or costumes decorated with sexual or violent imagery or language, including profanity.

  • Full masks and face coverings, as well as gruesome or horror-themed cosplay can be frightening for some guests, especially younger children.  Please bear in mind that GameSchoolCon is a mixed-age group when planning your costume.

Should I bring the whole family?

Yes!  GameSchoolCon is a family conference with fun and games for kids of all ages.

Is GameSchoolCon appropriate for single adults to attend?

Game​SchoolCon is, above all, a family conference intended primarily for a homeschooling family audience (although families pursuing other education methods and styles are welcome, too!)  So, generally speaking,  kids must be accompanied by parents and caregivers and parents and caregivers must be accompanied by children.

Are dogs welcome at the hotel/conference?

Our hotel allows service animals only.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Is childcare provided?  Can I drop off my teens?

We do not offer childcare and it is important that all children including teens are in the care of a paid, registered adult during the entire conference weekend.  GameSchoolCon is not a drop off event.  However, you can care for another adult's children or send your child/ren with another caregiver - just let us know who is responsible for whom when filling our your registration form.


If I don't like a workshop, can I get a refund?

No refunds of registration or other fees will be made.

Do I have to stay at the hotel to attend GameSchoolCon?

Nope!  Many folks choose to stay at the hotel, but others choose to drive in each day.  If you're only planning to stay one day, we suggest Saturday night!

Do I have to purchase my own GameSchoolCon pass if I'm bringing my teen?

Yes!  All children including teens must be accompanied by a paid adult.  


Can I help?

Yes, please!  Please visit the Volunteer tab above to lend a hand!

What is "Blind Chicken Enterprises LLC" and why "blind chicken?"

Blind Chicken Enterprises LLC is the company that does business as GameSchoolCon and Gamerunner.  It is named in honor of our Papa, who was fond of saying, "Sometimes a blind chicken finds food, too" (among many other proverbs and expressions.)  We hope this enterprise would have made him proud.  

Help!  I still have more questions!

No problem!  Please fill out our contact form, below, and we will get right back to you.

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GameSchoolCon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and strives to be a safer environment for all attendees.

Bullying, damaging or destructive behavior, underage drinking or drug use, or any other behavior that poses a danger to GameSchoolCon attendees, volunteers, or staff may result in removal from GameSchoolCon and NO refund will be issued.

This includes guests who registered using charter school instructional funds.

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