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GameSchoolCon is brought to you by two old school nerds:  Sasha Kuczynski (she/her) was the creatrix and producer of the wildly popular HSC DiscoveryCon, the very first hybrid homeschool/gaming conference.  Edward Stafford (he/him) is the man behind the GM screen at Gamerunner, where he teaches board games, role playing games, geeky crafts and music appreciation to lucky kids and teens.

GameSchoolCon grew out of Sasha and Edward's convictions that people learn best when we are having fun, and that Gameschoolers should have a conference of our own, where we can let our freak flags fly. 


Edward and Sasha are joined by a dedicated crew of Gamerunners, volunteers, and demo teams who work and play hard!  Make sure you high-five them all weekend long!


  Sasha Kuczynski & Edward Stafford  

  Lawful Good & Chaotic Neutral  

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Sonesta Irvine - OC Airport Hotel


Tel: 714-924-6751

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GameSchoolCon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and strives to be a safer environment for all attendees.

Bullying, damaging or destructive behavior, underage drinking or drug use, or any other behavior that poses a danger to GameSchoolCon attendees, volunteers, or staff may result in removal from GameSchoolCon and NO refund will be issued.

This includes guests who registered using charter school instructional funds.

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