Monarch/Yosemite Charter Registration

Monarch River Valley Academy and Yosemite Valley Charter School Families:

Welcome, Monarch River Valley Academy and Yosemite Valley Charter School Families!

We are excited to partner with your charter schools this year so that you can use your instructional funds for GameSchoolCon tickets!


Remember: Monarch River Valley Academy and Yosemite Valley Charter Schools will only pay for STUDENT tickets. Your student MUST be accompanied by a PAID adult parent or guardian. Make sure to register your student's adult separately, or your student will not be admitted to GameSchoolCon.

Please follow these steps when you are ready to order your student's tickets:

1.  Click here to read GameSchoolCon's Code of Conduct and Click here to read GameSchoolCon's Liability  Release/Waiver. Click here to read GameSchoolCon's Covid Policy.

2.  Click "Agree to Code of Conduct, Waiver, and Covid Policy" and fill out the agreement form.  Failure to complete the agreement form will result in cancellation of your ticket purchase.

3.  Login to the your charter's Enrichment Ordering System and request your GameSchoolCon tickets there.  (Search under "Products," not "Services") 

4.  Contact your child's charter teacher and ask them to EXPEDITE your order.

5.  The charter Enrichment Staff will complete your order and pay for your tickets!

6.  You will receive an email notification through our ticketing system when your order is complete.

Remember to read the fine print:

  • You may use your student's funds to order GameSchoolCon tickets for the current school year.  For example, you may use 2020-2021 school year funds to order tickets for GameSchoolCon Spring 2021.  Inspire has informed us that 2020-2021 funds will drop July 1, 2020.

  • Each Inspire principal will decide whether their school's students may use instructional funds to attend GameSchoolCon more than once in the same school year.  If you wish to use your funds to attend GameSchoolCon more than once per year, please ask your Inspire teacher whether this is allowed at your Inspire charter school.  For example, if you wish to use your student's 2020-2020 school year instructional funds to attend both GameSchoolCon Fall 2020 and GameSchoolCon Spring 2021, you are responsible for determining whether this is allowable at your Inspire charter school by asking your Inspire teacher before ordering.  Remember that your school may place a limit on what amount of your student's instructional funds you may spend on events in a given school year. 

  • Inspire allows use of students' charter school funds to pay for one chaperone ticket per enrolled/ticketed student, with a maximum of two chaperone tickets per household.  (So a household with one child and two parents could pay for the child and ONE of the parents using charter school funds, and the second parent would need to pay separately.)

  • All GameSchoolCon tickets, including those purchased with charter school instructional funds, are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.  

  • Charter schools that require PO/Invoice processing and net terms rather than immediate payment are subject to a higher rate due to increased administrative labor.  

  • You are welcome to volunteer at GameSchoolCon, but guests using charter school instructional funds to pay for their GameSchoolCon tickets are NOT eligible for ticket reimbursement through the Work Exchange Crew.

  • GameSchoolCon ticket sales will be limited and the event may sell out.  At the door ticket availability is not guaranteed.

  • Ticket prices include admission to all activities at GameSchoolCon.

  • Lodging and food are not included in GameSchoolCon ticket prices.  To reserve a hotel room at group rates, visit our "Venue" page.

  • GameSchoolCon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and strives to be a safer environment for all attendees.  Bullying, damaging or destructive behavior, underage drinking or drug use, or any other behavior that poses a danger to GameSchoolCon attendees, volunteers, or staff will result in removal from GameSchoolCon and NO refund will be issued.  This includes guests who registered using charter school instructional funds.